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Children’s Nature Books With A Biblical Worldview and Values

By the Way Book Series

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Central America Missionary Book

Over 25 stories along with country and cultural information Written in cooperation with Evangelistic Faith Missions Some contributors include~ Dr. Glen Reiff, Rev. Eric Kuhns, Rev. Raymond Shreve, Rev. Sid Grant, Mrs. Mary Duren, Rev. John Dykes, Mrs. Lynan Redman and many others

It’s important to give our children hero and heroines that reflect our Christian worldview.

Central America~ Welcome to our World is the first in a series of 15 books which highlights God at work in different parts of our world.

It is also important to touch the minds and hearts of our children with the possibility of their involvement in kingdom building.  Our children need to learn at an early age they do not need to have any specific talent or position to work for God.  He has already given them all they need to make a different in their world.

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