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~By The Way Book Series~

By the Way Series was born from the shock of a simple statement by Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries.


“19 out of 20 Christian parents and grandparents do not talk to their children about God and spiritual truths in their daily lives”

It is our hope with the By The Way Book Series to change that number and enable scriptural and positive conversations within Christian homes. These books are great to use for your children’s home school curriculum, family devotions or even summer reading. Each book focuses on one State and talks about it’s history, culture and natural habitats. These books follow the journey of two children who explore their surroundings and learn about their surroundings and how God is involved in their everyday lives. The By The Way Book Series will not only teach your children valuable lessons about life, but about God and his creation. 

To learn more about the author, Joy Budensiek, click here

~By The Way Books~

Coming Soon:       Alaska        Idaho         Indiana         Michigan


~Additional By The Way Products~

Additional By The Way Series Products

Specifically designed for each By The Way Book

  • Posters – Packet of 8, 11×14 full color (Especially recommended for classroom and homeschool use)
  • Trading cards – 8 full color cards featuring an animal and Scripture on front, interesting description and animal facts on back
  • Activity books – 20 pages of fun for ages 7-12
  • Stuffed animal – Soft, approximately 6-8 inch animals found in book

~Florida Products~

~Smoky Mountain Products~

~Pennsylvania Products~

~Ohio Products~

~Washington Products~