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Alex and Lexi had no idea how much fun they were going to have when they joined a “By the Way” RVing team in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Ferry rides, snowball fights in the summer, discovering life in tide pools, hiking mountains, and visiting a real-live farmers market were just some of the neat things they enjoyed.  When their four days were over, Alex remarked to Lexi, “We’ve just had a front row seat to see God’s imagination at work!”

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By the Way Books are 48 full-color page books of creatively designed artwork and imagery that tell a story of that region full of facts and information from a Biblical worldview. These 8X10 inch hardback books are perfectly geared toward families with children ages 5-12.

“Colorado ~ By the Way is a beautiful book. It would be great to use for school if you are studying about that state, or to use in the car if you are planning a road trip. It would also make a very unique gift for any child, or it would just be great to have in your personal library.” –The McClanahan 7

“Colorado ~ By The Way is packed full of information about Colorado’s history, habitats, and landmarks. I loved how it intentionally integrated the Bible as we learned about Colorado. It reminded us of God’s creations and how we can enjoy and take of them.” –My Kids Week

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