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Alex was assigned to write an Indiana state report. The assignment got easier and actually became a lot of fun when his family decided to visit their cousins for Thanksgiving. Wow, there were so many interesting things to learn and see. From covered bridges, Abe Lincoln’s old homestead, the Santa Claus village, fish farms, limestone quarries, to some of the best cooking on planet earth. And then there were the animals which kept things “interesting!” Caves with bats, fields with deer, mice in the barn, beautiful birds seemed to be everywhere. Indianan’s are proud of their state for many reasons, but nearly everyone will agree, they are most thankful for their family and friends.

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By the Way Books are 48 full-color page books of creatively designed art work and imagery that tell a story of that region full of facts and information from a Biblical world view. These 8X10 inch hardback books are perfectly geared toward families with children ages 5-12.

“Besides the obvious enjoyment of the story and the tidbits learned about animals and geography, there is Scripture sprinkled throughout. This is the point after all of the By the Way series, to share about God. While we enjoy His creation and see His hand in the people and places of our home state, we are continually pointed back to Him. Which is the way it should be.” Walking Fruitfully

“As wonderful as all of this learning about Indiana is, there is something much better woven throughout the story and the pages of this book – God’s hand in nature and life. Intentionally looking for ways to help the reader see God’s hand, Bible verses are woven into the story and into the lives of the characters. One of these places is when talking about the beauty of the changing leaves in fall and Psalm 90:2 is quoted. Another example is when they are talking about caves and bats. I John 1:5 is brought up. In the discussion about Thanksgiving and its history, James 1:17 is quoted to remind us that God gives so many good gifts.” At Home

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