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After a long, dreary winter, Alex and Lexi looked forward to spending their summer vacation in Michigan. They especially wanted to see some of Michigan’s many lighthouses~ probably not all 250 of them, but as many as possible. They loved racing to the top of several lighthouses and looking out over one of the Great Lakes. They met up with many animals along the way~ painted turtles, bison, cranes, bears robins and many others.  Their very favorite animal was the snowy owl. They visited so many neat places in lower Michigan~ both big cities, the countryside and along the shores. Lexi and Alex also loved going to the Upper Peninsula! There they visited Mackinac Island, the Soo Locks, Oswald’s Bear Farm, lighthouses and lots of other neat stops along the way. Going across the Mackinac Bridge looked scary~ but it wasn’t! This was a vacation they wished would not have ended so quickly.  The lighthouses reminded them that Jesus is the light of the world and it’s important that we keep His light in our life.

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By the Way Books are 48 full-color page books of creatively designed art work and imagery that tell a story of that region full of facts and information from a Biblical world view. These 8X10 inch hardback books are perfectly geared toward families with children ages 5-12.

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