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Connecting~to my Birth Family

Connecting~ to My Birth Family

Sequel to Reconnected~ to My Bellybutton


The continuing saga of an adoptee searching for her birth family. Connecting is the story of God’s faithfulness and leading as Joy searches for her birth father and siblings.  Travel with her through moments of extreme happiness and then frustrating disappointments.

“It began as a routine trip to the mailbox. But when I took the mail out of the box, I was surprised and happy to see a letter from the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.  I eagerly tore open the envelope, hoping to read information about my next-born sister.

Instead, the letter began, “We regret to inform you that we do not have the information you requested regarding your sister Katie.  However, we do have information about another sister born in 1968.”

Another sister?!?!?!

This would make sibling number five!

How would I even begin to bring this

scattered family together again?


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