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Alex and Lexi couldn’t believe their good fortune! They had to an opportunity to visit their new-found family in Ireland.  For one week they explored this beautiful island of old castles, fascinating big cities and quaint little towns.   History came alive!  Their fun-filled days included places like Kylemore Abbey, the Cliffs of Moher, and of course, kissing the blarney stone at Blarney Castle.  Puffins, kingfishers, sheep, goats, foxes, otters, and the beautiful, graceful swans were just some of God’s birds and animals they saw. It seemed everywhere they looked had a magical touch of “fairy flavor.” But, Alex especially, enjoyed learning about his true rich Irish Christian history.  Alex and Lexi didn’t find their pots of gold just over the rainbow, but they did discover a beautiful green country with their delightful new cousins.


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By the Way Books are 48 full-color page books of creatively designed art work and imagery that tell a story of that region full of facts and information from a Biblical world view. These 8X10 inch hardback books are perfectly geared toward families with children ages 5-12.

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