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Jesus, My Very Best Friend


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This 20 page full-color book was written to introduce children around the world to Jesus.  Churches, mission fields and short-termers have found this to be a valuable tool in ministry outreach.  It has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Romanian, German, Belizean Creole and Guatemala Mum Indian language. There is truly no way we will ever really know where the winds of the Lord have directed this seed to fall. Our best guess in about 30 different countries.

The story behind this book:

From the first moment Dr. Keaton, then President of Hope International Ministries, shared his dream of a children’s book written to introduce Jesus, my heart and mind grasped the incredible potential it could have.  It was one of those “mountain top” moments where you can see the vision~ where the eternal objectives shimmer with possibilities.  The vision and dream continue to introduce children around the world to their very best friend: Jesus.

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