So Why Do I Write…? February 8, 2016 – Posted in: Authorship


WHY BOTHER? It’s A LOT of work!

So why do I write?  Good question.  I don’t really enjoy the process~ talking is easier, more interactive and fun.  Oh yes, there are parts of writing I enjoy.  My husband and I love taking the pictures for the books~ that requires traveling.  What’s there NOT to love about traveling?!?

Another perk to writing~ I’m back doing one of my favorite childhood activities~ running my little “lemonade stand.” Honest and true, people actually bought my seven year old creations of mud pies and popsicle- stick jewelry boxes. I remember one lady saying, “Honey, I’ll just give you money for camp, but I really don’t need one of those boxes.”  (Just picture the scene and you’ll smile.)  But, manning my little stand really was/is “my thing.” So now, of course, I enjoy “working my table.”  This time around, it’s books, stuffed animals, pictures, and animal cards. (With more neat “stuff” to come.)

But there are many parts of the By The Way Ministry which spin me way out of my comfort zone.

So why bother?

Because, 150 years from now I want an unbroken circle of my children, grandchildren and “greats” around God’s throne.  It’s just that simple.

A few years ago, my grandson Henry, would often come to my house with his daddy for lunch.  He’s one smart guy!  Often he would pick up a National Geographic magazine and look at the pictures.  Who doesn’t enjoy their awesome photography and creative works!  We had some pretty neat discussions about those animals.  But, as an adult, I could look over his shoulder and read the words.  Words like, “evolutionary process” or “millions of years to evolve.” This is not my Christian worldview.  So, as a grandma why was I encouraging and placing in his hands a worldview that was completely opposite of the truth I hold so dear?

Little by little a dream or vision (take your pick, I’m not sure what) began to form in my heart.  Why not provide a beautiful resource for young, sharp minds to not only enjoy captivating pictures but also point the readers back to the source of creation~ God.  Job 12:7-10 tells us that God has written His message in His creation.  Believe me, after writing six books, I see there is so much “written” in His creation we’ll NEVER run out of material!

I care and I know you do also. I’m trying to do my little part.  Will these books change the world~ probably not.  But then again, who knows all the influences that goes into the developing of a child’s mind?  My first intent for the books (although there are many uses) is for parents to use them as a teaching tool.  These books reflect our cherished belief and worldview~ God is the creator and maker of all things.  Our children NEED to hear us talk about our beliefs, they NEED to hear what is of value to us.  If we don’t~ it’s no secret who will gladly take over the job and ever so subtly plant a worldview within our children’s minds that is completely opposite of our Christian belief.

And so, that is why I write~ and hassle with things like websites, copyright laws, marketing and coping with my basic backwards way of writing (it’s called “Newfie” lingo).  Can’t you hear my frustrations?!?

It’s that unbroken circle that inspires me~ as I’m sure it does you.

These are eternal stakes we’re talking about.

The saving of our household is not optional.

Passing on our faith is of absolutely HIGHEST PRIORITY.

This conviction is a full-time job.  As Deuteronomy 6:7 says~ in the morning when you awake, the last things before going to bed and as we walk BY THE WAY, always working toward our goal.

Thanks for joining me on the first blog of this website.  I promise they won’t all be this “heavy,” but I really needed to share the “why.”

Blessings on you and everyone and everything that is important to you!