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Smoky Mountains

“The book shares geographical information, history about the people and animals of the area, landmarks, culture and products while showing the relationship to God.” –The Yellow Swing

“I am in awe of the quality. The glossy pages, the amazing pictures, the fascinating facts, and the exciting story all work together to make a fantastic book.” –Raising Leafs


“I loved all the references to scripture. It didn’t feel forced or unnatural. It flowed very well with the story and helped us relate every day experiences with specific scripture. It made us consider many different things in regards to God’s creation.” –Peas of Sweetness

“Bright, beautiful colors, a mix of city and country scenes: there’s lots to look at in this book.” –Ritsumeithoughts



“We try to incorporate God into everything we do. This book has Bible verses sprinkled throughout, making it easy to talk about God’s role in our immediate surroundings.” –Classically Quirky Learning

“While most topics are lightly introduced, they really could become a springboard for more in-depth discussion and research” –Acorns Nuggets of Gold


“Colorado ~ By the Way is a beautiful book. It would be great to use for school if you are studying about that state, or to use in the car if you are planning a road trip. It would also make a very unique gift for any child, or it would just be great to have in your personal library.” –The McClanahan 7

“Colorado ~ By The Way is packed full of information about Colorado’s history, habitats, and landmarks. I loved how it intentionally integrated the Bible as we learned about Colorado. It reminded us of God’s creations and how we can enjoy and take of them.” –My Kids Week


Treasure Coast

“These books offer a well-rounded learning opportunity for children by combining a story and educational book into one.” –Our Every Day Harvest

“Unlike your usual tourist brochure, the By the Way Book Series is not a specific destination book. Instead, the intent is to focus on God’s creation! I love that Scripture is quoted throughout the book and the characters continually praise God for what they see. It is refreshing and encouraging.” –Family Faith and Fridays


“It’s a great balance of pictures and words to keep the children interested, and the learning at its finest.” –Our Homeschool Notebook

“This book was a great opportunity for the kids to visualize and learn about the many things that we might be able to see and do when we visit Washington later this year.” –Counting Pinecones