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Ah, spring break has finally arrived!  Time to take a road trip and visit cousins in Ohio!  Down at the neighbor’s barn Lexi got to feed their new lambs, goats and calves.   Add to all the farm excitement day trips to a cheese factory, Lake Erie, and all sorts of other historical places.  Who ever said spring breaks were boring?  Alex declares that his all-time favorite highlight was what he discovered while walking in the woods.  Come along and make your own discoveries.

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By the Way Books are 48 full-color page books of creatively designed art work and imagery that tell a story of that region full of facts and information from a Biblical world view. These 8X10 inch hardback books are perfectly geared toward families with children ages 5-12.

“I loved all the references to scripture. It didn’t feel forced or unnatural. It flowed very well with the story and helped us relate every day experiences with specific scripture. It made us consider many different things in regards to God’s creation.” –Peas of Sweetness

“Bright, beautiful colors, a mix of city and country scenes: there’s lots to look at in this book.” –Ritsumeithoughts

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