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Reconnected To My Bellybutton


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Joy writes: For better or worse, here I am!  Behind me are the events of many years, thousands of miles, helpful people, and so many incredible miracles.   Miracles like finding a wine bottle containing a Newfoundland name and address, washed up on our local Florida beach just days before.  It was that note which brought me to this moment and led me to this door.

Pausing before lifting my hand to knock, my mind flits from one thought to another.  What will the next few moments hold?  A joyful reunion or a scathing, “Get out of my life!  I didn’t want you then; I don’t want you now!”  It’s one of those momentous unknowns that tie your heart and tummy in knots.

Come on, Joy, get a grip.  Just do it!

I knock.  Slowly the door opens.  Our eyes lock, this beautiful lady’s and mine.  Is this her?  Is this my birth mother?

Within the pages of RECONNECTED you will experience the full gamut of human emotions.  Feel the pain of a birth mother forced to relinquish her child.  Capture the unspeakable joy of the adoptive parents cradling their new little daughter in their arms.  Travel with Joy as the roller-coaster journey takes her from Newfoundland to the United States then full circle back to Newfoundland.

This is a positive adoption story which resonates with one miracle after another.

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