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~Joy's Adoption Journey~

Joy’s adoptee story is truly fascinating.  The story of how she reconnected with her birth mother is

unusually miraculous.  Relinquished at birth by a frightened young mother, she found care and

comfort in the loving home of a childless family.  As an adult the questions that haunt many adoptees

became her own, and she wanted to reconnect with her birth family and roots.

The difference between her story and thousands of others IS GOD!  Although one out of every ten

American can identify with some part of the adoption triad, not everyone can relate to the emotional

journey adoption brings.  However, this story goes far beyond an adoption story line.   It is not

difficult to translate the love, care and concern of our Heavenly Father, that is so obvious in Joy’s

story, to the circumstances of our daily lives.

As Christians, we are all truly carved on the Master’s hand~ a concept that is guaranteed to

revolutionize our perspective on life and living.  You may not be in the adoption triad, but the

circumstances of your life also point to God’s sovereignty and design. The story is found in the book,



Schedule Joy To Speak

Joy’s Calendar

November 2019:

13  Faith Mission Church-Bedford, Indiana
16  Women of Worth-Beech Grove, Indiana
17 Calvary Bible Methodist Church-Greenfield, Indiana
17  Greenfield Wesleyan Church-Greenfield, Indiana

December 2019:

13-14  Palm New Hope Fellowship Grand Miracle-Palm City, Florida

March 2020:

26-28  Youth Challenge West-Saylor Lake, OK